3D Ceramic Coating Kit

We’ve put together a kit with everything you need when applying the 3D Ceramic Coating!

So what’s included in the bundle?

– 3D Ceramic Coating #935CC-KIT
– 3D Wipe #115OZ16
– 3D Bead It Up #440OZ16
– Purewax 3-pack Microfibre Cloths #MF-1


  1. 3D Ceramic Coating #935CC-KIT

Ceramic Coatings protect your car from the sun’s damaging rays and the resulting oxidization.
Highly hydrophobic and keeps your car looking glossy, without the need for constant application. 

3D Ceramic Coating Kit is safe to use on clear coats and single stage paints.

Very easy to apply


  1. 3D WIPE #115OZ16 (474ml)

– Use before applying Ceramic Coating

– Surface prep Oil and Grease remover
– Easy spray on, wipe off formula

  1. 3D BEAD IT UP #115OZ16 (474ml)

– Ceramic booster spray, designed to add a layer of hydrophobic polymer to your paintwork adding further protection.
– Super Slick and durable once applied
– Apply every 3-4 washes to boost your coating!


  1. PureWax Microfibre Cloth #MF-1 (3 Pack)

– Premium 360gsm edgeless
– 40cm x 40cm
– Great for removing coatings
– Lint-Free / Non-Abrasive
– Ability to undergo hundreds of washes, providing the cloth has not been mistreated


make sure you correct the paint first before applying a coating. 3D ONE is highly recommended for this process.

Additional information

Weight 2.99 kg