– 3D Foaming Waterless Car Wash is spray on car wash that provides a convenient way to safely wash your car without a hose and bucket!

– 3D Foaming Waterless Car Wash combines nano-polymers, paint-safe cleansers and advanced lubricants to encapsulate light dirt and grime, allowing it to be safely wiped away without scratching your vehicle’s paint.

– 3D Foaming Waterless Car Wash is an environmentally-responsible way to wash your car.

– This high-lubricity spray-on car wash is designed to safely dissolve, encapsulate and lift the dirt and grime that builds up on your vehicle from day-to-day driving.

– 3D Foaming Waterless Car Wash cleans and shines paint, glass, wheels, chrome, and all other exterior surfaces.

Works great with the IK Foamer.

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Weight 4 kg


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