3D Non-Silicone Dressing will effectively restore your plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Due to the lack of silicons in 3D Non-Silicone Dressing’s formula, it is perfectly body-shop safe and won’t cause any fish-eyes in fresh paint!

3D Non-Silicone Dressing was designed to dry out to a matte finish for those who enjoy a subtler look to their rubber.

3D Non-Silicone Dressing can be used to protect a multitude of surfaces like your trim, molding, wheel wells, and tires!


Apply a small amount of 3D Non-Silicone Dressing onto a microfiber or foam applicator.

Spread 3D Non-Silicone Dressing evenly over the surface.

Wipe off any excess product with a clean and dry microfiber towel.

If you are applying it to your tires, allow it more time to dry to avoid slinging.

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Weight 4 kg