3D Odor Eliminator Bomb is great for very bad odors.

The fogging mist gets into every nook and cranny in the vehicle

It eats and destroys the bacteria that causes odors such as pet smell, smoke, food..

For light smells it can be used as a spray, simply press down on the button lightly.


For Heavy Smells and Odors:

  1. Place in centre of the vehicle on a towel
  2. Turn on the vehicle, turn the air con onto level 2 and set it as recycling air
  3. Press down hard on the button so it locks in place and close the doors till the mist stops coming out of the can.
  4. The mist is circulating through the vents and air con to assist with eliminating the odors.
  5. Turn of the car and allow to sit for 1-2 hours undisturbed. Then roll down the windows for 30 min to let our any of the neutralizing smell.
  6. 6. Job done..

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