3D Odor X is a thorough and easy to use odor neutralizer that will absorb deep into the surfaces of your interior to eliminate all unpleasant odors! 3D Odor X uses an enzyme-based formula that works on the molecular level to eat away at the bacteria that causes the odors rather than mask the scent.

Once 3D Odor X has worked to destroy the odor causing bacteria, it will leave behind a fresh and pleasant scent in its place! 3D Odor X can be used to freshen the smell of interior surface in just one spray!

This is a spray to eliminate odors such as spilt milk, wet pet, fish odors and smoke.

Simply spray into the desired area and it uses a bacterial agent to eat the smell and eliminate it

Can also be used around the house for odors such as pet wee.

Leaves a pleasant fresh scent in the car

Ready to use

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Weight4 kg


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