3D Speed is a worldwide detailers favourite AIO (all-in-one) correction wax.
Have your vehicle looking shiny, swirl-free and waxed in one step.
3D Speed removes light to moderate surface scratches and swirl marks while refining the paint to create unmatched levels of shine for an all-in-one polish.
3D Speed is great for those who want quick, minor paint correction with protection.
If you don’t have the time for a multi-step detail, consider using 3D Speed to speed up the process. 3D Speed removes light imperfections, increases gloss significantly, and lays down a durable coat of wax all at the same time. 3D Speed will be the most versatile detailing chemical in your garage or detail shop!
Professional detailers favor one step products over anything else because most people aren’t willing to pay for a multi-step detail. Products like 3D Speed make this possible because they clean, polish and protect the paint in one step. The customer is happy, and more importantly you’re able to remain profitable because minimal time was invested in the detail.
Great for using on Pre-sale details, Boats and RVs
Speed up your detailing process with 3D Speed! Use with a dual action or rotary polisher.


Directions for use :

– Ideally use a DA Polisher with a 3D light purple pad

– Apply 4 dime size drops to the pad, rub the Speed into the surface of the paint, set the machine to level four and turn it on.

– Always start with the machine on the surface.

– For more correction move it slower across the surface. Very easy simple patterns you don’t need to force the product down on the paint surface.

– Let it do the work for you.

– With 3D Speed you have a long open working time whether you are outside or inside.

– For more polish move the machine faster over the surface.

– Wipe down with a fresh microfibre towel. 3D Speed is safe of plastics

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    Stephen P. (verified owner)

    Great all in one, incredible gloss levels and paint feels squeaky clean after polishing. Super easy to remove, no dusting. One of the best!

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