Snow Foam Cannon


Unique Snow Foam Gun car wash, large 900ml capacity, works with most garden hose

2 in 1 function, support to spray water or Spray Foam Gun to wash car. Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam.

Adjustable ratio dial, accurately mixes and sprays 6 ratio of foaming chemicals.

Portable and environment friendly, durable construction for lasting value.

Hand grip with quick connector, easy to install. Detachable design, easy to carry and storage.

Multiple use: car washing, window washing or whatever else needs washing.


Type: car foam gun

Material: ABS Propylene, Copper

Quantity: 1 set

Item Color: sent at random

Water Pressure: 2.5-6 bars

Dilution Ratio: 6 kinds of dilution ratio

Bottle Capacity: 900ml

Bottle Size: 10.5*10.5*17cm / 4.1*4.1*6.7″

Install Size: 44.5*10.5*21cm / 17.5*4.1*8.3″

Net Weight: 0.58kg / 20.5oz

Usage Method:

1.Please read the instruction manual carefully and assemble the foam gun properly.

2.Infuse right amount of washing fluid.(Capacity: 900ml.)

3.Please assemble the hose kit to the water pipe of the tap and foam gun rightly.

4.To layout diagram and adjust the rotary knob according to the ratio.

5.Open the water faucet of the tap.

6.Hold the controlling pole of foam gun with nozzle aiming at the object and spray foam.

7.Spray the foam until the whole car is covered, wait until the foam starts to slide off then rinse the car with water.

8. Processed with hand washing the car if there is still stuck on grime


1.Joint with the tap water faucet. Please confirm the connections tight carefully to avoid any leak.

2.Please carefully confirm the connections are tight to avoid leaking.

3.Please discharge the hose kit from the water faucet and foam gun when you dont use it.

4.Never mix many kinds of detergents together.

5.Please dont use it on human being.

6.It is better to wear rubber gloves and protective glasses.


1*Foaming stick

1*Mixing head

1*Quick connector

1*Hand grip


1*User manual


What includes in the package?

These are the following items:

  1. Foaming Stick
  2. Mixing head
  3. Quicky connector
  4. Hand Grip
  5. Bottle
  6. User manual

What does snow foam do?

A snow foam gun will help to break down and remove dirt and grime which accumulates on your car.

Is snow foam better than car shampoo?

A snow foam formula would work much better than a car shampoo, the chemical will help to decompose the oils, bugs, general road grime as it Is stronger, it may not be recommended for coated vehicles.

What is the capacity of a snow foam gun?

The unique snow foam gun comes with a large 900ml capacity this wok with most garden hoses.

What are the things to remember while using a snow foam gun?

it is advised not to mix any kind of detergent, always wear rubber gloves and protective glasses.

What material is used in car washing snow foam guns?

It is made with ABS propylene and copper is used to make a snow foam gun.

Additional information

Weight 0.787 kg
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 13.5 cm


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