sponge PP handle
Red PP Parts and Grey sponge

Car Lug Nut Wheel detailing

1.Lug Nut wheel Detailing Brush .
2.Can be used on any automobile wheels.
3.Special design to clean the Lug Nut easily.
4.Ergonomic Design,T shape handle, easy to hold.


Makes cleaning recessed lug nut wheels quick and easy
* Cleans both lug nut and wheel recess with a simple twist of the brush
* Convenient t-handle design (also notched to hang on wash bucket)
* Works on almost any wheel (cleans wheel cavities from 1-3/8 to 2″ with lug nuts from 3/4″ to 13/16″)

package includes 1 handle and 3 reusable/washable sponges

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