Coating Thickness Gauge

This handheld electronic coating paint thickness gauge is highly intelligent and precise instrument used to quickly and accurately measure thickness of coating or plating on almost all kinds of metal surface. It not only indicates thickness of coating or plating but also automatically identifies the base material.

Fe means magnetic metals such as iron & steel

NFe means non-magnetic metals, such as aluminum, alloy & non-magnetic stainless steel.


Large and clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT)

Auto recognition of the substrate material (Fe or NFe)

Metric/imperial switchable (mil/um switchable)

Single / Continue measurement selectable

Flip display, Easy Reading  at any condition and angle

99 data  memory

Simultaneously displays 5 readings: (easy for data analysis and comparison)

Measuring Reading , Average Reading , Max. Reading , Min. Reading and Standard Deviation.

  • Brand Name:NICETYMETER
  • With Backlight Or Not:Yes
  • Model Number:CM8806FN
  • Range:0 – 1250um; 0 – 50mil (Max. add to 2000um/80mil)
  • Resolution:1um, 0.1mils
  • Accuracy:± (3%+2um), ± (3%+0.1mils)
  • Response time:0.6 sec
  • Sensor type:Fe & NFe 2 in 1
  • Operation temperature:0 ~ +50°C
  • Battery:2 x 1.5V(AAA alkaline)(not included)
  • Dimension:119x52x28mm
  • Weight:68g( not including batteries)
  • Packing:thickness gauge, carrying case, substrate blocks ,Calibration foils

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg


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