1. Adjustable foam nozzle, closed in a fan shape, open to a cylindrical shape.

2. Foam concentration adjustment, + increase the concentration, – decrease the concentration.

3. 1/4 quick-connect interface, stainless steel material, convenient, fast, time-saving and durable. (other pressure washer adapters available, including short handles.)

4. Pure copper raw materials, longer service life. Generates super think foam

5. PC material transparent plastic tube, durable, thick and transparent, detachable replacement.


Material: Copper+Plastic

Capacity: 2L

Spray distance: 5m

1.25mm orifice (changeable)

Recommended for ceramic coated cars or as a pre-soak for highly soiled cars, hand washing may still be required.

Package includes: 1x Snow Foam Lance Cannon 2L

Additional information

Weight3 kg


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