*M22 14mm Pressure Washer Swivel Joint Kink Free Connector Hose Fitting

*M22 swivel fitting has 15mm inside diameter, if the hose fitting is 14mm, it will not fit.

*compatible with those that have M22 15mm fitting

*Metric M22 15mm male + M22 female swivel

*Universal pressure washer coupler is made of high quality brass, resistance to corrosion

*Kink free swivel joint for pressure washer. Eliminates hose twisting and no kink when spraying

*360 degree rotation. Reduces stress on the tool, hose and operator.



*Size: M22 15mm Thread Fitting

*Color: Copper

*Material: Brass


Package Contents:

1*Swivel Joint

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg


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