Protection services
Gtechniq 9 year paint protection
From $1250
Gtechniq windscreen coating upto 1-2 years
From $110
Gtechniq trim coating upto 1-2 years
From $115
Gtechniq wheel coating upto 1-2 years
From $125
gtechniq smart fabric upto 3 years
From $130
Gtechniq leather guard unto 3 to 12 months
From $135
Gtechniq matte dash
From $80


Who else wants to make his car look dull or outdated? Of course, protecting your car is important to make it look appealing at all times. Endless reasons are there why protecting your car is important. When your car’s protection is not limited to wheels, interior, and chrome trim, you might be interested to look for the better options. Magic Detailing is your true companion that takes care of your car and ensures it gets complete protection.

We are providing car detailing solutions and bring you the best packages to choose from. We are Gtechniq suppliers, who always believe in delivering the best solutions at affordable prices. Whether you need help with ceramic coating or any other type of services, we are always here to help you out with car detailing and coating services. No matter which detailing services you are looking for, we are always ready to help. We make sure our services are carried perfectly and help you meet your purposes of car protection seamlessly.

Perfection in our services is guaranteed and you can count on us to avail world-class detailing and coating services, as we are always ready to help with specialized tools.